Why Get a
Virtual Running Coach?

What is a Virtual Coach?

A virtual running coach is a certified running coach that can train you from anywhere! Our head trainer is based in Utah, but trains people as far as England and Canada. Our virtual running coaches at A Better Run provide runners with daily workouts directed toward their goal; whether that goal is learning how to run, or qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Virtual training through A Better Run is so much more personal than getting a static 12 week plan off the internet; our coaches get to know you personally, your goals, and your abilities, and we design custom training plans just for you. And no, we don’t just hand you a 12 week plan and walk away, we work with you week by week, checking in on how you did and tweaking the plans accordingly.


Why Choose a Virtual Coach Over an In-Person Coach?

In person coaches are great when they live near you and you can afford one. But not everyone has this luxury! If you don’t live near a coach or can’t afford the steep costs of training one-on-one with a running coach, a virtual coach is the perfect option! Our prices are reasonable (especially compared to our competitors), and we can coach you from anywhere in the world.

The other great thing about a virtual coach is that they work year round; there isn’t any of this taking the winter off nonsense at A Better Run. We know that as dedicated runners you’ll want to train through the winter, even if that means moving things indoors. With our virtual running coaches working year round, you don’t have to worry about an in-person coach bailing on you when the weather gets bad.


What Types of Things Could I Train for With a Virtual Coach?

With a virtual running coach you can train for pretty much anything you want! We’ve got coaches experienced with everything from an 800m sprint, to marathons, obstacle races, and even ultra marathons. At A Better Run, we believe in getting to know our athletes; so when you sign up for training, you get an on-site instant messaging system that allows you to talk to your coach whenever you need to. With this kind of attitude, our virtual coaches are able to help you train for anything!

Not training for a race? That’s okay too! We love helping you keep up with your running even during the off-season. So what are you waiting for?