Virtual Training

Don’t live close enough for in-person training? Our virtual option is a fantastic choice!

How does it work?

Create Your Profile

Create a profile on the site that provides you access to your coach, your training plans, and more! Plus, we have a progressive web app that looks great on your phone.

Work With a Certified Coach

Answer questions, set goals, and get help from a certified coach. You won't ever be working with a robot, each runner is paired with an RRCA certified running coach.

Training Plans Every 2 Weeks

Get updates to your training calendar every 2 weeks! This means that if you are doing better than expected, or have to miss a few days, your training plan can match that!

How Are We Different?

At A Better Run we do things differently. We don’t just grab a 12 week plan made for “everyone” and give it to you. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your abilities.

Then we create a customized running training plan just for YOU.

But it doesn’t stop there; we continue to work with you every two weeks, creating a new plan according to your progress from the prior weeks.

Lastly, we think everyone should have access to a great coach, and at the rates that a personal trainer typically cost there is just no way to have a coach if you aren’t training for the Olympics! A Better Run has set price points that are attainable for every kind of runner from beginner to expert.

How Much Does a Virtual Coach Cost?

Virtual Training



Custom Training Plans Just for You

Text/Email Access to a Coach

A Progressive Web App for Easy Access