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"Nicole is so meticulous in creating a running plan for you. She totally does it according to your style and in a way that makes you feel comfortable while also pushing you. She helps you celebrate success but never makes you feel bad for the times you fail. She is amazing!"
Brooke P.
12 Week Training Plan
"I'm training for my firs 50K run and I knew I needed some professional help. Nicole has provided me with exactly what I wanted from a running coach. Easy to follow running plans, easy communication and great value for her service. Highly recommend her."
Lucia M.
15 Months Virtual Training
"Nicole was great! She took the time to really learn where my fitness level was currently at and built from there. It truly felt like a personalized program that was tailored to help me grow. Once set, she also checked in to make sure everything was working right and keep me motivated. With the training plan & motivation, I was able to complete my first 10K and beat my goal time!"
Kylee B.
12 Week Training Plan