Summertime Park Training

For moms in Utah
with younger kids

What is park training?

Did you know there are all kinds of ways to improve your run just at the neighborhood park?!

With park training I meet up with you at any park in the Utah valley for training which allows you to get a workout in while the littles play games at the park!

I know it can be difficult to keep up with workouts in the summertime when school is out and the kids want your attention, so try bringing them with you and letting them play outside for an hour while you and I get our sweat on!

Group Park Training

Don’t want to do it alone? Get your mom friends together and have everyone join in at the park. Group training gives the kiddos more people to play with and you a less expensive training session.

Plus, it is always more fun to train in groups. So give it a try this summer!

How much does park training cost?

one on one


/1 hour session

4 Month Contract Available at 10% discount

In Person Training

Weekly Training Plans

Text/Email Access to a Coach

group training


/person per hour

for 3-4 people. $24/hour per person, for 2 people.

In Person Training

Weekly Training Plans (for the group)

Text/Email Access to a Coach