6 Benefits of Running in the Morning

Plus 9 Ways to Become a Morning Runner

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53.5% of runners prefer to run in the morning

But why?

6 Reasons to Run in the Morning

There are several reasons why running in the AM can be the best time to get your workout in!

1. Beat the Heat

Early in the morning is the coolest time of day; especially during the heat of the summer when even during the nights the streets stay warm for hours from being in the sun all day.

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2.Other Items Can’t Get in the Way

It gets much easier to start making excuses as to why you can’t run that day as the day goes on. If you don’t run first thing in the morning things like work, school, plans, kids, grocery shopping, meal prep, and even just tiredness can get in the way of your workout.


3. Gives you Energy for the Day

Running produces hormones that make you feel good and it helps wake up your brain to get ready for the day. Most runners that do early morning runs don’t feel like they are more tired because they got up early for a run, but rather they feel more energized for the day because of the shot of endorphins they get each morning.


4. Starts You Off with a Success

If the first thing you do each morning is exercise it starts the day off on a good note. You are able to immediately check something off your list and feel good about having made a healthy choice.


5. Meditative

In the morning hours there are less people and less noise, which means a lot more peace, quiet, and nature. Morning runs can almost be meditative in a way as runners get some time to themselves and away from the crazy world.


6. You Can Get a Better Workout In

This one goes along with having other items get in the way of your run; if you don’t run until after you’ve been busy all day then your mind and body are both already tired and you may not get as good of a workout in because you just don’t have the energy for it.

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But I’m not a morning person!

That’s okay, there are ways to help yourself get up and out on that morning run.

9 Ways to Become a Morning Runner

1. Prepare the Night Before

Get all your gear together the night before!

whether this is:

  • putting together a bag to take to the gym
  • laying out workout clothes in the bathroom
  • pulling out the earbuds, shoes, and whatever else you use in your workout and setting it next to the door

**Some people even prefer to wear their workout clothes to bed so that there is no changing required in the morning.


2.Grab a Mint

As soon as your alarm clock goes off in the morning sit up and pop a mint in your mouth.

According to some, the smell and taste of mint can invigorate you much like that of a splash of cold water. The bonus in mints is that little bit of sugar that can help stimulate your body and your brain.


3. Sniff a Scent

If you have essential oils, or room freshners of specific scents, give them a spray as soon as you wake up.

According to sleep.org there are specific smells that help you wake up and even feel energized:

  • Citrus
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus

4. Move the Alarm Clock

While it may be frustrating and difficult to do in the morning ; moving your body as soon as the alarm clock goes off is a really good way to wake yourself up.

Place the alarm clock far enough way from your bed that you have to get out of bed in order to turn it off. The movement will help you wake up and keep you from rolling over and hitting the snooze button.


5. Make it a Routine

For the first few days of a new routine, DON’T LET YOURSELF FAIL. If you can faithfully follow a routine for several days in a row, the task will be that much easier to continue in the future.



6. Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Why are you waking up early to work out? What are your goals? How will you feel when you accomplish those goals? Remind yourself of the reasons and the benefits and keep yourself on track for reaching those goals you’ve set.

If this requires a list of reasons by your bedside to remind you when the alarm clock goes off, then do it.


7. Find a Friend

Waking up to an alarm and relying on yourself to stay motivated to work out every morning can get tricky; but when you know someone is waiting outside for you, or you know you have to report your behaviors to someone, there is an extra incentive to stay on task and get up and going.

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8. Track your Runs

Many people like to use the physical coloring sheets that allow them to fill in squares each time they complete a run, or fill in a certain number of squares depending on the number of miles they run. There are also apps that allow you to track your workouts in fun ways and showcase your goals:
  • Habitica – make it fun with a game using Habitica
  • Productive – build good habits while organizing your life
  • StickK – commit to yourself with a built in contract!
  • Streaks (IOS only) – set up goals and get your streak going
  • HabitBull – for detailed tracking, habitbull is the app
However you choose to do it, tracking your runs can help motivate you to wake up in the morning and just get it done before your brain can convince you otherwise.

9. Get a Coach

If you need some extra motivation your coaches will gladly ensure you get your butt up in the morning😉
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Data for preferred running times from Statista

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Nicole Hillstead-Jones

RRCA Certified Coach & Nutrition Minor