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These are running gear items that I personally discovered and fell in love with this year. Some of which were created and released in the year 2014, some I was just late to the party for and have recently discovered just how useful they are.

a yellow flipbelt around someones waist

he flipbelt has gained some popularity in the year 2014 and now I understand why! This product is possibly one of my most favorite running gadgets ever. The flipbelt is made of material similar to that of the top of yoga pants, it has a hollow interior that can be accessed by slits on one side of the belt; here you can slide in your cellphone, keys, GUs, and anything else you may want on your run. Then, simply flip the belt over and all of your items are locked in and tight around your hips.

One of the most annoying things when you’re running is feeling all of the things you’re running with jiggle up and down as you run, or rub on your skin, or make jingling sounds. But with the flipbelt it all stays in place, nothing moves, and the belt is made of soft, machine-washable material so there really is NO chaffing!

The flipbelt is totally worth it runners!

yurbuds brand headphones

For years I fought with the earbuds that come with every ipod purchase; constantly shoving them back into my ears just to have them slide back out and down my body. Then I tried the earbuds that have the slide over your ear feature…this worked better, but they still fell out and then just dangled from ears so I could only kind of hear my music.

You see, the problem is that I have tiny ears, and no earbuds ever wanted to stay put in them, until I found Yurbuds. These earbuds are shaped to fit right inside your ear and essentially “lock” in place. And the bonus? They make them for people with ears as tiny as mine! The women’s inspire series works so well that ever since I bought my first pair in March of 2014, I haven’t even tried anything else!

Arm Sleeves

striped arm sleeves

Now, these aren’t technically for running. In fact, there may not even be anyone else that uses them the way I do. But, living in a place that gets as frigidly cold as Provo, Utah does, I discovered that these little guys were the perfect addition to my long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. The store I got them at here in Provo has since shut down, but I know there are other locations across Utah. I wear them underneath my long sleeves but low enough that I can wrap my hands up inside them and keep them warm at the same time.

You might be wondering, why not just get a long sleeve with longer sleeves? the answer? These sleeves are not only extra length, but they are tight at the same time, so they keep the heat in way better then the typical long sleeve shirt does. Plus, they are easier to pull off mid-run if you find yourself getting too warm.



The brand I happen to use is Coleman, it’s just your typical headlamp, probably more-so made for camping. But, this year I started a new routine that included running at 5:30 in the morning. Rather than running in complete darkness, I discovered that a headlamp really is a great addition.

I was hesitant to try a headlamp, and maybe you are too. I assumed it would be painful like some headbands are where they give you a nasty headache after only being on your head for a couple of minutes. I also assumed it would be too heavy and flop all over the place on your head. What I’ve come to find is that I was completely wrong, with both of these concerns, and that the headlamp is pretty much essential when you try to run in the dark.

The stick muscle roller

I first tried “the stick” when I ran the RAGNAR. I quickly discovered that being able to roll out the muscles in my legs was a sure fire way to recover faster and be ready for the next leg of my race. Since then I have purchased my own stick, although I didn’t fork out the $50 it costs to buy the name brand version. Mine instead is from the yoga section in Target.

I love it because of how much it helps me recover, the down side to having purchased the off-brand version, the screws in the handle like to come loose, so I have to kind of wind it back together after I use it haha! But, it was only $25 versus $50.

The tried and not so true:

Sorry Fabletics, I really wanted to love you, but it just didn’t work out. Fabletics is one of those companies you sign up as a member and they create fitness outfits for you once a month and you can opt in or out for purchasing one of their outfits that month.
I got a pair of Fabletics leggings, a sports bra, and a long sleeve shirt. What I found is that this company is probably a lot better for sports like Yoga. The leggings were great in the sense that they were made well and really long, so even those with amazon legs like me can have material all the way down their ankles. But, they don’t have any kind of drawstring to help hold them on when you start running; so instead, they slide further and further down your booty as you run.
The sports bra was DEFINITELY not made for running, it’s cute and strappy, but does nothing to hold the girls up whatsoever; and I’m not a busty chick! And lastly the long sleeve, it was a soft material and had long sleeves, but it definitely wasn’t material I would want to sweat in. I think if you sweat in it more than once it’d be hard to get the pit stains and stench out of it.
So perhaps it’s a company more for the casual yoga-goer.
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