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It is that time of year ladies and gentlemen! I get to name my top FAVORITE running/workout gear that I have used throughout 2016. A few of these items overlap with my stocking stuffer idea article…sorry about that, it’s just hard not to share all my favorites with everyone all the time.

This year I have an ALL TIME FAVORITE to share with you guys…..drum roll please…..

The #1 Winner of 2016 is:

top of utah marathon 2

I know this one was on last year’s list too…but I’ve bought about 3 more pairs since then and ran in only these shorts ALL all of summer 2016. I even ran my marathon in them and had NO CHAFFING, NO RIDING UP ISSUES, only greatness. Love em to death!

Other Gear of the Year 2016 Favorites:

Under Armor Headbands

running selfie

These headbands have just one strip all the way around that is a tacky plastic peace that does not rip, pull, or tug on your hair, but it helps keep the band in the place throughout the entire workout.

I believe this link is the correct product, however I have never purchased mine online so I am not 100% sure. I usually find mine at places like Ross.

wool socks

For those that follow my instagram you know I found these wool trail socks at Costco this year. Costco of all places! Since they are from Costco they are a very reasonable price and come in a 4 pack.

This is why I love these socks….

Are they a little thin for wool socks? Yeah they are….BUT!

In the winter months of Utah I used to have to wear those big fuzzy slipper socks they sell at like Target. I’ve discovered that a simple pair of socks paired with one of these wool trail socks makes for the perfect warmth AND the perfect fit in my shoe. No more unlacing and re-lacing every time I want to use warm socks!

victoria's secret sports bra

Wait! Before you skip over this one thinking hah! I’m not going to pay $60 for a sports bra. THEY ARE NOT EXPENSIVE!! They are only $25 on a normal day. But I have gotten all of mine on sale, which means that I only spent $15 OR LESS for each one!

These sports bras are the bomb for a few reasons:

  • They have built in cups (that actually fit because you buy your size according to size and cup not just sm, med, lg). So the cups don’t fall out in the washing machine, AND they still give you a little shape even when running or working out. No more flatsies!
  • They are super comfortable…like, I wear them to work a lot of the time because they are more comfortable then my everyday bras.
  • They actually provide support! I am not exactly well endowed (I only wear a B cup), but I still somewhat understand the frustration of not feeling supported. It freaking hurts! And you just feel so uncomfortable and well, like you’re putting yourself out there on display for everyone while running. These don’t do that! YAY!
  • They come in great styles and colors. I have tons of cool colors now! (the semi-annual sale was good to me this year, I got them for $12 each! That’s less than the crappy Target brand ones).
winter running gear

That Costco…it was just the bomb place for running gear this year! So I used to purchase my gloves from costco because they have a great clip on them that clips them together so you don’t lose the mate and they have the touch sensor stuff so that you can use touch screens while wearing them. The downside in the past to them was that you’d have to double up on them in the really cold winter months because they were kind of thin.

All this has changed this year!

Costco came out with a new version of the gloves and they have fuzzy warm fleece on the inside that keep your hands toasty warm! It’s great because they still have all the old fantastic features, but now they are even better.

itfit bandana

But not for the reason you might think! I don’t love using the ItFit bandana as something to wear during the run necessarily…though I haven’t actually tried that scenario.

I use my bandana for those days…

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve barely finished a run in time to take a 2 minute shower slap on some clothes and get out the door. ItFit bandanas are great for both hair up or down in this situation. Plus, they come in a myriad of great colors and patterns.

Items mentioned in years past that I still have a love affair with:

This product is still the bomb. I have the same one I bought a while ago. It is still in great shape, it still fits, and it comes with me on every single run.

I love ProCompression socks for recovery. I also love the company ProCompression themselves because they are so spunky, adventurous, and fun.

What can I say? These are just great for that weird time of year when you’re not sure you’re going to need a long sleeve during the whole run…

I still use the ones show here, but I definitely have my eye on these Oiselle ones.

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