Group Training

Discover why group training is a great way to reach new goals and have fun doing it.

Why Choose Group Training?

The first reason group training is a great choice is the cost. Group training is a cheaper alternative to individual training. The cost? 

$25/person per hour (up to 2 people)

$18 /person per hour (up to 4 people)

*For groups larger than 4, please contact me first.

The 3 C's


There is no better way to get to know your friends or neighbors on a whole new level than running with them every day. Chatting on a run is the best way to get through a tough workout or a long run, you’ll get to know not just what their favorite color is….but how many times they’ve peed in the woods :0



We all have days that working out just does not sound fun (training in the utah snow anyone?). Having others that are relying on you to show up helps get you out of that warm bed and out the door to training.


Competition (friendly of course)

You’ll discover just how much more you can do and how much further you can push yourself when your best friends are telling you you’re great and that you can do it!


group training


/person per hour

up to 2 people. $18/hour per person, up to 4 people.

In Person Training

Weekly Training Plans (for the group)

Text/Email Access to a Coach