Group Training

Discover why group training is a great way to reach new goals and have fun doing it.

How does it work?

Create Your Profiles

Each member of your group will have their own unique profile from which they can view the workouts and get any extra help from their coach that they need.

Work With a Certified Coach

All of our coaches are RRCA certified, which means they know how to help you reach your running goals! The whole group will meet in person with their coach at least one a week to do an in-person workout together.

Training Plans Every 2 Weeks

You will set goals as a group and your coach will create a training plan accordingly. Every two weeks the calendar will be update with new information based on the efforts of previous weeks.

Why Choose Group Training?


There is no better way to get to know your friends or neighbors on a whole new level than running with them every day.


Having others that are relying on you to show up helps get you out of that warm bed and out the door to training.

Competition (friendly of course)

You’ll discover just how much more you can do and how much further you can push yourself when your best friends are telling you you’re great and that you can do it!

How Much Does Group Training Cost?

Virtual Training


/person per hour

up to 2 people. $18/hour per person, up to 4 people.

In Person Training

Weekly Training Plans (for the entire group)

Text/Email Access to a Coach

For groups larger than 4, please contact us first.