Nicole Hillstead-Jones

Runner of 13 Years
RRCA Certified Coach
Nutrition Minor


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My name’s Nicole, I am a 28 year old runner who has been enjoying everything running has to offer for 13 years. I am a distance runner that enjoys running trails and taking in the nature around me.

While I may love distance the most, I have trained for everything from a 400m track race, to a marathon, and even a few obstacle races.

I am an RRCA Certified running coach, which means not only do I love pinning on a racing bib myself, but I want to help you get there too! Whether you are brand new and hate running, or are a seasoned runner yourself, I enjoy getting to know each of my runners and helping them do their best.

I’m goofy and sarcastic, oftentimes the sunshine fuels my playfulness! I am a complete chatter box when out on a run and will talk about everything from serious life situations to why crickets chirp during the day.


I find the world we live in absolutely amazing, and enjoy taking advantage of the wide knowledge base that is so easily accessible. I love to read about, and learn from other people, new scientific findings in nutrition, athletics, fitness wear, and more. I live for new technology and can’t wait to get my hands on new training tech.


Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you! Comment on a post, shoot me an email, tell me about you and your running journey. Or sign up to hang out with me on the weekly with runs, workouts, stretching regimes, and more to help you meet new goals!