Customized Training Programs with a



Weekly Training Plans

Access to your own calendar complete with specific workouts, runs, and strategies to help you reach your goals.

Access to a Coach

Whether training with virtually or here with me in Utah, everyone has a unique online profile with their stats, calendar, and weekly access to me!

Racing Tips & Strategy

Get racing strategies, proper nutrition and hydration plans, and learn about the best running gear! Because lets be honest...I've purchased way too much gear over the years.




per 1 hour training

  • In person weekly training sessions.
  • Access to a customized training calendar that includes the days we don’t meet!
  • Email & text access to me, a certified running coach.



per month

  • Daily training & workout plan, customized to your needs every 2 weeks.
  • Access to your training calendar, profile, and goal race information via the web and your phone.
  • Email & text access to your coach (me!).



per person, per hour

  • In person weekly training sessions with the whole group.
  • Access to a customized training calendar based on the group plan.
  • Email & text access to your coach whenever you have a question.

About Me

Runner of 13 Years
RRCA Certified Coach
Nutrition Minor

My name’s Nicole, I am a 28 year old runner who has been enjoying everything running has to offer for 13 years. I am a distance runner that enjoys running trails the most.

While I may have a special place in my heart for longer distances, I have trained for everything from a 400m track race, to a marathon, and even a obstacle races.

I am an RRCA Certified running coach, which means not only do I love pinning on a racing bib myself, but I want to help you get there too! Whether you are brand new and hate running, or are a seasoned runner yourself, I enjoy getting to know each of my runners and helping them do their best.