Customized Training Programs with



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Weekly Training Plans

Access to your own calendar complete with specific workouts, runs, and strategies to help you reach your individual goals.

You can access your calendar online or on your phone, so your workouts are always available!

Leave feedback on workouts right there in the calendar to help your coach customize things to you even more!

Access to a Coach

Whether training with a virtual coach or on-site in Utah, everyone has a unique online profile with their stats and their coach’s information.

Quickly find an email address or phone number to contact a coach with questions or concerns.

Racing Tips & Strategy

Don’t ever go into a race blind again! Get racing strategies, proper nutrition and hydration plans, learn about the best running gear and even more!

The great thing about hiring a coach is all the experience they have to share, so ask them questions and get all your answers.




per person, per hour

  • In person weekly training sessions with the whole group
  • Access to a customized training calendar based on the group plan
  • Email & text access to a certified running coach.



per 1 hour training

  • In person weekly training sessions.
  • Access to a customized training calendar that includes the days we don’t meet!
  • Email & text access to a certified running coach.



per month

  • Daily training & workout plan, customized to your needs every 2 weeks.
  • Access to your training calendar, profile, and goal race information via the web and your phone.
  • Email & text access to a certified running coach.